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Write, sing, act. Release your passion.

Write, sing, act. Release your passion.

Realising your passion will help you to fulfil your potential. When you are free from the slavery of the job, the unhappy work environment then the sky is your limit. Life can change when you decide to stop selling your time for so much less than you are worth. Think about it.

I came to acting as a passionate creative, very unhappy in a job that just sucked energy away from me giving little reward. I was absent from my family, distracted from what really mattered and just feeling used.

I wanted to explore acting and music because creative arts had aways been my passion. I wanted to fully express myself and be free from the slavery of the 9-5 job and above all I wanted to be healthy, psychologically and physically.

Acting training gave me an opportunity to achieve that and to go deep, to be able to feel the joy and the pain of the character – to be the character without thinking, without acting.

That demanded a focus to the craft that was healthy for mind and body. A balance that took me to another level and taught me about creative discipline.

I was very lucky to be able to attend the Actor’s Studio in London in 2016 and study with the the principal Brian Timoney, an excellent coach and world famous “method” tutor.

I made the film, “Our Father”  with Jacob Watkinson, a fantastic young writer and film maker after that. I played a lead role and I’m very proud of that we are nominated in 9 film festivals across the globe.


Since then I have been in many short films, have written songs and an 8 episode TV Series with Julia.

I’m looking forward to working with Jacob on our next project. We are going to start a series of productions about the curious life of a maverick on the waterways and seaways of the British Isles.

I’ve never looked back since I moved on from the career and at Appreciate Life we encourage people to stop and think, while its still possible.

We fund all our creative work and lifestyle interests through our online business and creative activity. So do get in touch if you want to know more about our community.

Prioritise yourself and family in the context of being self fulfilled, healthy, wealthy and creative within a fantastic global community of like minded folk.

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