Toni and Guy’s Organic Range

When a mainstream company as important as Toni and Guy develop an effective range Organic Range of hair products we know that there is hope for the future.

Our planet is crying out for change and the leaders seem to be so slow. That said, Toni and Guy really have led the way with their organic range. It’s a brave step and it’s paying off.

Rebecca Spode, one of the companies Salon Directors is clear.

She told me, ” Toni and Guy Organic Products work so well on the hair. Clients report great results. They feel clean and refreshed after using them and most importantly they come back regularly for more of the product”.


Rebecca is my daughter and I’m very excited about developing a blog and broadcast with her about Hairdressing, her absolute life passion and interest.

She has worked for 20 years in the industry and is currently applying all her experience to develop the Toni and Guy brand and experience.

We will be featuring her in broadcasts as she gives tips about hair care, style and products. So keep an eye out for our blogs and broadcasts. Links will appear soon.

In the meantime you can shop here for these amazing organic shampoos.


There is more about our lifestyle page here:

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