Soho London Independent Film Festival

Soho London Independent Film Festival

I’ve never thought for one moment that I’d end up co-creating something like the Soho London Independent Film Festival.

It all began when I worked with Julia to develop Regenerate, a social action charity. We created the first home grown UK based community organising method which we called “Listening Matters”.

As you can tell by the name that involves deep listening work. We identified what people love about their community, their concerns, visions and ideas to transform lives. It’s now widely adopted by hundreds of organisations.

Listening had a powerful impact. It helped people to reflect on the great things about their lives, the problems and crucially the solutions and actions they might take to solve issues.

Collating results was always interesting because we encouraged people to work on developing a performance that would articulate the problems and solutions that they had identified. We encouraged them to perform their work in front of people in positions of power.

They often used film, picture or theatrical performance that would trigger discussion and debate.

Born out of the Actors Studio and Zero One Studios

When I left that world in 2015 to pursue my creative interests, I attended the Method Actor’s Studio In London. It was so wonderful to learn to act in a school of “Method” that shaped some of the greatest actors in the world.

Liz Farahadi, a dear friend and colleague from the studio introduced Julia and I to Erik Moore from Zero One TV Studios in Soho and the festival was quickly born. We envisioned a film hub and festival that would attract people back to the West End, provide support and training and encourage film makers to create film that reflected community concerns and aspirations. Films that would encourage people to reflect on the dangers and threats posed to people and planet.

We would support and encourage new and professional film makers to make films with and alongside communities. Films of any genre that would explore life in all its beauty, cruelty, happiness and hopefulness welcomed.

In Britain, we have some of the greatest film making and creative skills in the world. With our Festival and Hub located in London and co-located where filmmakers engage with communities, we will encourage filmmakers from every part of the globe to create entertaining and fundamentally challenging content.

Get Involved

We want to encourage you to be creative and use the festival and the hub to create content and/or open your community to this great opportunity.

Working with world class film-makers and local communities to bring together insight, voice and creative opportunity, we encourage filmmakers to listen and feel the pulse of communities. To hold up the proverbial mirror to society.

If you want to talk partnership between your community and the film industry then post in the comments and I’ll be in touch.

If you are a film maker you can make submissions for 2021 can be made now https://filmfreeway.com/TheSohoLondonIndependentFilmFestival. Remember that we are very keen on a broad range of entertaining content across all genres. Engaging films that have the intention to have a social and environmental impact on viewers are very welcome.

We want to see films that encourage viewers to ask the questions “Why?” and “What part am I playing in our social, cultural, political and environmental dis-ease.

We are so passionate about this mission we will be awarding a prestigious Social and Environmental Impact Impact Award.

Our festival is a platform for learning and networking. From our prestigious film-makers panel discussions with industry experts to creating production and project development network, the the London Soho Film Festival intends to develop as a proactive agent of change not a passive recipient of film content.

So if you are interested please do visit our website and get in touch. The industry is reaching out.

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