Create the Life you Love!

For yourself and all you care for.

Find Your Way to Freedom
doing what you love to do


Fearful of what the future holds?
Longing to be free to live your life as you'd love to live it?
Welcome. We're here to help. Come on in.

We believe: 

Our world needs us and our world needs you.
Strong. Confident. Financially secure.
We can learn together to live our best lives
in balance with the earth
so all can thrive.

Our Mission

To help you create the life you love - in balance with the planet - so that you and next generations have reason to hope

Our Vision 

Sharing what we learn on our journeys through life and in business as we seek to secure a sustainable future for us all .

Discovering life-changing on-line learning opportunity.

Connecting to a global community of skilled
compassionate experts and mentors
to support each step we take.

Our Promise

Honest support and recommendations
to help you navigate towards a life that works for you
and the planet.


Stephen & Julia

a little about us

Julia Stephen copy

Julia with Stephen.
We live close to water: on or by the sea or aboard our narrowboat on the canals.
We love and respect  the power of nature and the wildness of the ocean.

Life and curiosity doesn't stop at 40, 50, 60 - or even 70!
We're not scared to ask "why" and "why not."

Our careers were given to building communities, organising and supporting social and environmental action.  Though  proud of what we achieved - it was not a sustainable way to live. Our health was suffering.  We had to make changes.

We set off on a new journey, learnt  new skills, adapted to a new way of life. We eat better, exercise more, work more online - doing more of what what we love best.
We tread more lightly on the earth.
Sharing who we are.
Appreciating whatever life brings.

We make and promote products we love, that are good for body and soul.
We make music, sing songs and tell stories to inspire, inform and entertain.

We work with like-minded digital nomads, online entrepreneurs and mentors to grow sustainable income and  build financial resilience,.
We want to create a legacy of value - because we want our children's children to have a future with some reason to hope.

Our families are precious. Our time is limited. Our time - your time - is valuable.
Let's use it wisely.

In times of change and uncertainty, seeing possibilities and understanding opportunity is a great place to start creating the life you want.
We are perfectly positioned to help you see what's possible and find your direction.

So here's a gift for you!

A really special WEBINAR  with our friend and mentor, Stuart Ross.  Inside is a treasure chest of valuable information and insight about on-line business opportunities, ways to grow sustainable income on line and what you need to have in place to succeed. If you are thinking about ways to build financial resilience.  Just click on the button.


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