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It was a shock to wake up to the reality of industrial farming practice – a health time-bomb that’s been ticking for 40 years. 

From a young age I always had a sense that something was seriously wrong with society and how the economy worked.  Watching politics unfold – Ireland, Thatcher, the Miners – it seemed I had an unnerving gift to see through the lies and not be fooled.

Epilepsy in childhood meant that I saw the world through through a fractured splintered mind – for me this was normal: a kaleidoscope of images in mirrors.  With a complex internal arrangement that really didn’t make sense, my “education” in the “normal’ sense of the word was inadequate.

With boundless energy, charisma, enthusiasm I immersed myself in music,   Singing in bands, choirs and being a DJ were the worlds in which I could lose my self, expend my energy and be creative.  After several bad fits in my late teens I felt vulnerable and fearful – so I took advice and got a “proper job”.

Remembering many happy childhood days on a friends farm I set off  to Agricultural College – thinking rural living would be the next best thing to a crazy creative life.




The farming practice was cruel to animals, the chemicals on food and in the soil were poisoning us, soil degradation and the appalling exploiting attitude to the environment left me in cold shock and near despair.  I fought, argued and demonstrated.  I was ridiculed and called “Konservation Kearney” – but I persevered.  I chose to read and study Organic Agriculture.  I’ve learnt from books, experiment and experience that we are what we eat and that I choose an organic lifestyle because it is better for us, better for the land, better for animals and better for the planet.  

Over the years I’ve realised that to be able to see the world through a fractured splintered kaleidoscope mind – really is a gift that brings an extraordinary sharply felt clarity.  It’s a kind of superpower that shines a light on what’s going on – and my songs explode from this clarity.

So here’s the thing.  Making the choice for organic and natural is one major key  to a healthier and happier life.  A way of life to enjoy and thrive with. A basic building block in appreciating health, wealth and community.

Don’t kid yourself that organic produce is too expensive.  The solution is simple: invest more in yourself, and eat less!






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