Making life worth living – without selling time or your soul

The world is changing rapidly.  It’s in crisis.  It’s time to change our ways. My money is on ignoring politicians completely. They are lost and in denial.

An opportunity for people to build their vision and realise creative potential, embrace the digital age, operate from online and put more positive value into their lives and the world exists now more than anytime in history. 

At the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution Julia and I are sharing snippets of our journey. We’ll be sharing insights, lessons, experiences and discoveries – from every perspective.

Back then

I would hate travelling 3 hours to London meetings to be with people on the hamster wheel, competing for the attention and funding from manipulative politicians .  All of us on a perpetual merry go round that was making everybody crazy dizzy.  Intelligent and creative conversation killed. Eating on the move, drinking too much, following blind leads, trying to impress god knows who to get funds that other disgruntled people were then paid with. I had to get out and stop digging the same hole, over and over again. A hole that was getting deeper and deeper.

Our work did build great networks of people from all over the UK and Africa. Listening, building networks and encouraging social action. To truly empower to mission we needed to develop our processes in a way that would grow personal economy as well as social strength. The resistance from colleagues in our organisation made us think “this lot are not serious about our process, don’t understand it or are patronising. Worse they simply want power over communities” so it was adios.

From then to now

Since 2015 we we’ve been getting back to the basics, tuning into the inner voices, recovering ourselves, trading, making music, film and drama. On the way we’ve been discovering a way of working that totally embraces the digital age and the coming online revolution. We’ve found a freedom that means we can smile more and stress less.

Health, Wealth, Self and Social aspects of living are in balance.  We’ve found our “Fourtopia”! 

It wasn’t always this way.  It was crisis that pushed us off the hamster wheel.  We didn’t know what next to do, or where to go. So we went backwards to go forwards.
We asked ourselves:

What do you love about your life? What can you build on?

What makes you sad, frustrated, worried, angry? What motivates, energises and gets you going? 

What’s your dream? Can you name it, know it, embrace it, feel it?

Do you want it enough to make it come true? 

From this point on we didn’t look back.  We started building our lifestyle income and our legacy. The digital revolution has been accelerated by the pandemic.  The pandemic has been our opportunity to focus. 

We can show you how we’re doing it.  We can show you how to learn, earn and build life of value that you crave.  We can introduce you to our community of value-driven online entrepreneurs.

The first step is to listen to yourself. Second step is to pop backspin and we’ll introduce you to an incredible community. Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “Making life worth living – without selling time or your soul”

  1. Really interesting perspectives.
    I’m really interested in on line commerce and business opportunities.
    How can I find out more?

    1. Contact us, or sign up for our emails. We’ll send you information about different online opportunities that we explored, and a link to access to a free video workshop series that goes into more detail about what’s possible.

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