Housing solution for living sustainably – in affordable urban style

Looking for solutions to the housing crisis?  The StijlOne is a cost efficient, energy efficient and healthy option to housing that could mean that living well in affordable urban style is no longer an unreachable dream!

“Stijl” means “style” – and  the StijlONE modular house is an awesome response to both climate emergency and the housing crisis.  Inspired by the Dutch deStijl movement’s design principles of simplicity and efficiency, the Stijl One is a solution to the problem of building functional and stylish houses that people need and can afford.  Designed with care – for human comfort and the future of the planet – and factory-built from top quality materials, the Stijl ONE can be installed on your site in less than a day.   Turn the key, switch on the power,  unpack your bags – and relax.  This tiny house feels really big inside.  

“De Stijl architecture follows an anti-cubic concept. Rather than attempting to fit all functional spatial cells together into a closed cube, you project them centrifugally from the centre outwards.”

When earlier this year I had the chance to take a proper look inside, I was struck by how the double-height space could be adapted to make a unique spaces for different needs.  The reference to the de Stijl movement is clear:  the house floor-plan is akin to a Mondrian painting, with diagonals and rectangles and neutral colours.  It seems to share Rietveld’s aim in constructing a house “to give to a yet unformed space, a certain meaning” – it is airy, light and spacious by day yet suggests potential to create more intimate spaces at night

This is a forward-facing house, built to last.  It can be adapted for changing times.  It can be added to, and even moved!  But this is no garden shed or trailer home –  it is quality, designed with a lifespan of more than 50 years; and it can be re-clad and refurbished for another fifty or more.

Now available in the UK and Ireland, the Stijl ONE offers a real solution to the pressing housing dilemmas that our societies face.   Quick to build means savings on build-time bridging finance – which means more housing could be available far more quickly – for all those people struggling to find  somewhere to live that they can afford to live in, in a place that’s close to their work or employment.

The 39 sq m two-storey house is manufactured in two sections in the Netherlands by HejmansNV  using standardised offsite manufacture and production.

Stijl ONE houses are fully transportable, delivered and then assembled –  either temporarily or permanently – on a pre-prepared site with the  required groundworks and services.  The lightweight frame construction is simply placed on prefabricated foundation slabs so no deep foundations are needed. Twelve homes can be installed in one day!

The Stijl ONE has technical eco parts fitted as standard, including

* MVHR ventilation and heat recovery system

* infrared heating with occupant sensor control (activated when nobody is in the house .

* eco 60 litre boiler

The house is all-electric with a hot water tank, infrared and airflow heating systems, yet energy costs are kept to a minimum by proven high insulation values, latest control systems and quality technical installation.  The pitched roof has photo-voltaic panels sufficient to provide up to 60% of energy demands – even in northern climates.

The house comes as a complete package with a fitted kitchen, optional appliances and a utility space set up ready for a washing machine. There is a fully fitted shower room with WC, hand basin/cupboard, shower and extractor fan.

The upper floor has enough a space for a double bed and storage, with ample space for a potential work area in the light and airy gallery.

Mould free, bug-free and dust-free it really is a healthy house!   Fitted with high quality non-allergenic, pest-resistant linoleum flooring and wood wall coverings as standard, this great little house is easy to keep warm, dry and clean – so you can spend less time on chores and more time creating and living the life you love!

Simple, stylish, sustainable –  the StijlONE

See for yourself:  vimeo.com/836985301



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