Healthy Living makes you happy and extends life

Healthy Living makes you happy and extends life. In my 20s and 30s I never paid much attention to my physical and mental health.   Busy with work and family life was about coping.  I was very motivated and driven, aways on the move. Smoked and surfed, ate and drank – lots.

At work and in other aspects of life I took pressure on the chin. It was nothing to deal with tough situations. Work interfered with home life massively: unhappiness and dissatisfaction followed. In some of the community work I was involved with I met a few very bad people. Hiding their disgrace and attacking. Watching “Homeland”  I connect with Carrie’s discomfort – you’ll know what I mean if you watch it.

As with everyone colds and flu came and went regularly, occasional gastric upset brought on by pressure. As pressure built, sure the cash did flow. The trappings of wealth followed, trappings being the operative word and so the pressure continued to build. Hey then the palpitations, slight skin condition. I thought to myself that I must give up smoking, the weight piled on. Flu and colds turned up more often. I think you get the picture.

Julia had a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 and that’s when the change happened. We decided to completely change our approach.

We had kept relatively fit by regular doing the gym but we had to review everything.

Julia had been studying homeopathy, herbal medicine and we’d been talking about biocide residues in foods and dangerous fats and sugars in processed food.

We created a plan of action

Great job and work that allows us to be creative

Natural medicaments that built our immune system powerfully

Organic food that made us so incredibly healthy and Tai Chi

Julia defeated cancer and looks 20 years younger than she is.

All built into everyday of our lives, all made possible because of our way of working and earning.

We want to share more with you about this.

Life’s building blocks can be rearranged to have incredible impact  from day one

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